Tikal Bench

By Raúl de la Cerda


Raul de la Cerda has once again showcased his design prowess with the introduction of this new piece for Omet. This year, he has unveiled two additions that seamlessly integrate into the Chaac collection, originally launched last year. Continuing with the overarching theme, these new creations pay homage to pre-Hispanic Mexico by abstracting Mayan hieroglyphics and transforming them into a visual language—a testament to De la Cerda's belief in design as a form of communication.

One of the standout pieces, named Tikal, revolves around the predominant concept of lush green marble. Drawing inspiration from this material, De la Cerda not only utilizes it as the primary element but also pays homage to its raw beauty. An avid admirer of stones, he considers them natural wonders and strives to preserve their raw essence in his work.

Both Tikal and Estela, while being part of the Chaac collection, distinguish themselves with a more artistic and authentic language. De la Cerda maintains his commitment to commemorating and paying homage to ancestors, using design as a conduit for cultural expression and appreciation. These collections stand as a testament to the designer's dedication to preserving the rich heritage of pre-Hispanic Mexico while infusing it with a contemporary and artistic touch.

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