Piedra Stool

By Yuri Zagorín


Architect Yuri Zagorin explores the concept of a monolith as a mass and as fragments in Piedra. Composed of individually manipulated blocks of Tzalam wood, the final end result speaks to the object’s production and natural origins.

Various roughing techniques and “accidents” in the cutting process remain in dialogue with each other, enabling the viewer to contemplate the means for producing the work. Functioning as both a bench and a sculpture, Piedra re-thinks the highest potential of a material despite its use later on in its lifecycle.

“You have to be conscious of what’s going to happen to this material… How can we upcycle it not only as a discourse, [but] as a real way of extracting beauty and power?”
Yuri Zagorín

Note: All products are handmade and will vary.Note: All products are handmade and will vary.

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