Órbita Bench

By Lorena Vieyra


Órbita is a captivating interplay of forms and materials. Vieyra began by working with cylinders in various materials, skillfully assembling them to create unique pieces with intriguing shapes. This concept was further emphasized through the exploration of the weight and lightness in the materiality, demonstrating how these seemingly opposing concepts can harmonize to produce something exceptional. The Órbita bench strikes a balance between weight and elegance, making it a standout statement piece.

"I've experimented with different materials and techniques, always intrigued by the synergy of combining diverse materials and how they can complement each other. Even with a fundamental element like a cylinder, I've crafted a collection that revolves around the diverse combinations of materials." - Lorena Vieyra

Note: All products are handmade and will vary.Note: All products are handmade and will vary.

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