Simon Hamui




Mexico City


Furniture Design

Simon Hamui is the founder and designer of Simon Hamui Design Studio. He was born in Mexico City, 1963. After graduating from Pratt Institute with a degree in industrial design, Hamui founded the company alongside his brother, Leon, back in 1991 in Mexico. What began as a design/build furniture business has evolved into a full service interior architecture firm with a 50,000 sq ft factory dedicated to manufacturing their designs and which includes carpentry, finishing, metal, stone, upholstery and lighting departments, allowing for a seamless integration of trades that make impeccable quality possible in complex pieces.

During his expansive career, Hamui has been commissioned to design spaces ranging from cultural centers and government buildings, to luxury hotels, private residences and yachts, manufacturing a majority of its intricate custom pieces at his workshop in Mexico City.

Simon Hamui has been recently recognized by AD Magazine as one of the 100 designers shaping the Latin American design and is currently launching its first ever high-end furniture collection. Hamui currently resides in Colorado, where a vast range of his projects reside, nowadays he continues to run the company alongside his brother and family.

Simon Hamui’s Work at OMET