Tatiana Bilbao




Mexico City



Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO, a Mexico City-based architecture studio founded in 2004, is deeply rooted in contextual analysis, addressing projects ranging from master plans to affordable housing. The studio aims to contribute to its surroundings while maintaining flexibility to accommodate evolving needs. Embracing multidisciplinary perspectives, the team includes architects, academics, and model makers. Their design approach involves hand drawing and iterative models to ensure spatial exploration guides the process, emphasizing collaboration with architects, artists, economists, local governments, and more to enrich each project's impact.

The studio's architectural portfolio encompasses diverse projects, such as the award-winning ESTOA institutional building, the Culiacán Botanical Garden, the Pilgrimage Route in Jalisco, and innovative social housing prototypes, including one showcased at the 2015 Chicago Biennial. Noteworthy recent projects include the Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin, Texas, and a Masterplan for the National Park La Huasteca. Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO has garnered recognition through awards, and their work has been exhibited internationally, featured in prestigious venues like the Venice Biennale, Centre Pompidou, and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Tatiana Bilbao, the studio's founder, initiated her practice with a commitment to integrating social values and collaborative, sensitive design approaches into architectural work. Bilbao holds teaching positions at Yale University School of Architecture and has taught at renowned institutions worldwide. Her work has earned recognition and awards, including the Kunstpreis Berlin, Emerging Voice by the Architecture League of New York, Global Award for Sustainable Architecture Prize, and the AW Architect of the Year 2022.